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how old are you because you seriously sound like you're an uneducated 12 year old bitch who thinks they know what they're talking about and pulls facts out of their ass

orlandobloomfistmeintheass answered:


let me inform you of my uneducated 12 year old feats; get ready kids this is gonna be a braggy post

  • i go to an advanced private school, where tuition could probably buy your entire family. luckily im so fuckin smart i got a scholarship to the school because who wants to pay $19,000 a year
  • my school was awarded the blue ribbon for the education and performance by President Obama - the highest honor a school could receive, beating out Thomas Jefferson High School (the best public high school in the country)
  • i take calculus B even though im only a 16 year old junior
  • I have straight A’s in EVERY class
  • I am fluent in latin, italian, amharic (ethiopia’s national language), and english
  • I take college level courses such as Matlab (a computer programming class only offered to physics and engineering majors in their senior year of college)
  • i also take a colloquium class, which is basically an economics and politics course - also a class to discuss real world issues 
  • i took 4 years of classical latin, and earned a summa cum laude certificate(highest honors) for my OUTSTANDING performance in the National Latin Exam
  • i have studied philosophy since I was 14, reading through and writing college research and analytical essays on all of the works of Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Descartes, Voltaire, Locke, Hobbes, Marx, and Engels
  • I have studied classical music since age 8, and have composed hymns that have been published in many hymnals in my local areas
  •  I have studied Doctorate level theology, and have analyzed almost all of the old testament 
  • I have dissected everything from worms to fetal pigs and sharks
  • i just finished studying engineering physics, receiving an A in kinematics, uniform circular motion, conversations of energies, and simple and damped harmonic motion to name a few
  • i have done dramatic arts as well, earning myself the lead of the character of Helena in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream this year
  • SAT score: 2270
  • ACT score: 29
  • unweighted GPA: 4.0 (4.5 if weighted)

so….is that seat comfortable enough for you?





it ok to not be ready

Please spread this shit like wildfire. People go on and sit through the whole experience and they’re uncomfortable because they just want to please their partner and they don’t tell them that they want to stop because they are not ready. It’s okay not to be ready. 

i thought somebody else might need to hear this, because i did.


I’ve laughed harder, and cried harder, with Jonathan than I have with anyone else. We’ve been kicked out of Broadway shows for falling into fits of giggles in the audience, and I’ve literally shown up on his doorstep with my heart broken. He always helps put myself together. After one particularly rough episode with a guy, Jonathan wrote me this incredibly nice letter, in which he told me that I would find someone amazing. He was going away on vacation and so he gave me a task to complete while he was gone, since he knew I would miss him like crazy and needed distractions. He instructed me to watch every single Meryl Streep movie while he was gone - and said that there would be a quiz when he returned. (x)